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    June -

    Place Armies - El Jefé was placed back in the Grateful Dead Marshes, engaging rune lord Hroddr, Skrillix appeared in the mountains on the edge of dwarven territory.

    Events - The (newly remodeled) Observatory granted the ability to move an enemy army, and the dwarves lost Hroddr to capture! The Marshes are a cruel mistress.

    1. El Jefé and Hroddr's leaderless rabble are locked down.
    2. Andros moves through Skrillix's mountains and onto the dwarven fort.
    3. Skrillix move one tile to the heart of warrior territory.
    4. The Dark Elf Army on the border of my territory was moved two tiles back toward the coast

    A free relic!! And a 60 point magic item!!! I'm throwing rocks with this rivermine!

    El Jefé vs the remains of Hroddr's army. A dismal showing in most respects, my sorc lord miscast the first spell and dropped to level one, only to next turn wander too close to a spell casting terrain piece, get fireballed: 3 hits, 3 wounds, 3 failed saves. The organ gun went 10/8/10 before blowing up and panicing the thunderers off the right flank. And the dual bolt throwers, although MoN helped with misses a bit, wounded out on every accurate shot. A couple of failed 6" charges and the dwarves were able to mop up the survivors. My bsb got +1 Ld from dropping his dwarven foil, but was felled a turn later by massed gw dwarves, i still need to see if the LD is permanent. In the end I was down a few hundred points (and he didn't have his runelord on anvil in the list ! ). luckily El Jefé is increasing in military prowess and only got his army pushed back a tile, rather than scattered. The Bsb, who I need to update, got a minor injury of -1 T in the next battle. Dwarves got elite army, increaseing their special and rare allowance.

    1. El Jefé was forced back a tile.
    2. Skrillix builds a Herdstone

    The rest will be finished at the beginning of next weeks game.
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