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    The Chaos Chronicles

    January -
    Events Roll - One Army may make an immediate move; Skrillix moves to the Brettonian border.

    Movement -
    1. Skrillix moves away from Morikhi, and into Dark Elf territory.
    2. Andros moves to an adjacent uncontested tile.
    3. El Jefé is engaged by King Egilson.

    Battle Phase -
    El Jefé's army is defeated by King Egilson, and rolls "Lose a Regiment of Renown" on the defeats table. This has no effect because the army doesn't have one, however the shield is scattered and removed from the map. King Egilson gains a free magic banner from the victory table, which he gives to his shield warriors.

    Expedition Phase -
    1. Skrillix claims the Dark Elf Tile
    2. Andros claims the uncontested tile.
    3. King Egilson claims a Warrior tile
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