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Thread: An Estalian Summer

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    An Estalian Summer

    The mists recede and bodies sink into the swamps. The Fimir overlords are forced to retreat as the forces of Andros fight them to a standstill in the bloodiest conflict the Estalian wars have seen to date. The Dwarves, driven back from the swamps they sought to use to buffer their mountain strongholds are forced fight through the undead hordes, but can only achieve a pyrrhic victory. King Egillson is forced from the field and his Hearthguard is scattered, while the Iron Brotherhood is forced to abandon their Iron Standard in the murk.

    But it is at the Templo Diabalico where the pivotal battle is fought. The Bretonnian forces are able to catch the Malefactor and the Hunter wrong footed and drive the Dark Elves away, scattering their support with Duke LaFontaine driving home a well timed charge, exploiting an opening created by Liliane's mercenary light cavalry.

    With a pause to lick their wounds, forces across the torn nation of Estalia reassemble, and as the spring rains pass, throw themselves into the fight once more.

    Current standings:

    Fimir- 5
    Vampire Counts- 7
    Bretonnia- 7
    Warriors- 8
    Dwarves- 8
    Dark Elves- 8

    Fimir- 3
    Vampire Counts- 3
    Warriors- 5
    Dark Elves- 6
    Dwaves- 8
    Bretonnians- 11

    Edit: Neglected to capture a Fimir tile with Adam's VC.
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