Please use this thread to issue proclamations, threats, and grossly exaggerated tales of your own prowess.

As the storms lashing the Estalian coast subside, armies consolidate beach heads and strike out. Lightning quick, the Dark Elves plunge deep in to enemy territories. The Malefactor's forces reap a bloody toll on Duke LaFontaine's forces as they make their way through the mountain passes. But have the murderous Elves overextended themselves?

Watching the twisted skeins of fate, Skrillix seizes upon the future of his choosing, and claims a piece of the Dark Elf lands before they can react. Andros the Astromancer tricks his rival into antagonizing the Dwarf King Olaffson, who ambushes the Chaos forces in the high mountain passes of central Estalia.

Meanwhile, the foul Fimir pillage the lands outside Bilbali. Although they capture a fine strand of beach outside the city, their drunken antics enrage the populace who rush to the defense of their reclusive overlords, and repulse Bishop Seamus of Caer Bannog, while also holding the line against the Dark Elf reavers.

Springtime: As rivers rage and beasts awake from hibernation, dangerous terrain becomes even moreso! All dangerous terrain tests are failed on one "pip" higher than normal.

Also- the Wind of Ghyran flows strongly anew. All casters of Life Magic gain +1 to cast.