Hello all, I'm about 75% done with the expanded Estallian map (2 sets of mighty empires hex tiles) and was pondering about starting up another campaign in the next month or so... Consider this my trawling (not trolling) for interest.

This would be a casual affair using a modified form of the Blood in the Badlands rule set; probably monthly or perhaps bimonthly if there is a solid interest.

All players are invited, especially the participants from the last campaign, however this is designed to be an excuse to get together and play friendly games rather than attempting to create a tournament atmosphere. Think of this as a grouping of competative and casual players who have all set their Phasers to 'Fun'.

What to expect: random campaign effects, special scenarios, thematic lists, varying points levels/slightly uneven battles, actions outside of the game being more important than the outcome of individual battles, cookies for good behavior,
What not to expect: 'Cookie Cutter' armies, lists distilled to their most potent (tournament ready) form, absolute equality of games, rules lawyering

I believe the map will comfortably hold 6-8 players and I'd be more than happy to be a moderator rather than contestant should the slots fill up.