Alcazar del Pielago has long been the impregnable bastion and home to the feared Estalian Armada. But as war rages across the state and beleaguered citizens are caught in the crossfire, the fleet is nowhere to be seen and El Alcazar's guns lay silent. As bloodied armies raise their gaze from the sweltering summer battlefields, a dark cloud begins to swirl around the parapets of the sea fortress. Like moths to the flame, armies are drawn out to the coast. Tenuous alliances have formed, but will they hold in the face of this new mystery?

Plan to meet at the same time on Tuesday- (6 pm). We'll finish the post-battle sequences and then play the end-of-Summer scenario. You should bring:

A 1250 point army to combine with your ally (Brets & Dwarfs, Warriors & VC, Fimir & DE). You may bring any regiments of renown or heroes of legend, but they must fit in your army legally. Your army should be a legal stand-alone army, and you should be prepared to play in a 3-way battle-royale. Alliances and rules will be per main rulebook's extra scenario section.

Individual briefs to flow privately over the next 24 hours...