Inquisition wars flyer.pdf

I have talked with Eric at Wonko's and we have decided to have more of a themed campaign in 2016 than an all out tournament. The title of the campaign is The Inquisition Wars.

My goals for this campaign is to create a fun narrative event that will hopefully bring back old faces as well as some new ones to the Wonko's 40k group.

The points limit for each event will still be 2000 pts as it was in the past, however to encourage list variety and also to try different play styles you may need to use units in that 2000 pts to branch out into smaller kill teams or even zone mortalis units. So be prepared I suggest having a little bit of everything and not spamming the same units or else you may paint yourself into a corner. I will also design the missions to be played as teams for some missions and as individuals in others.

In addition to your 2000 pts if you choose you can add a single Inquisitor at no cost. This Inquisitors stat line and wargear will evolve as the narrative progresses. Your inquisitor will be a battle brother with your army and start the campaign with base stats set by me and be armed with a bolt pistol and power weapon (axe, sword, or maul). I encourage you to have fun with this and come up with a name and backstory as well as kitbash/ model your own personal Inquisitor so he/she fits in with your force.

Let me know if you have any questions or ideas for the campaign.