Come out and join us for the Hard and Fast X-Wing tournament at Dragon's Lair! There have been lots of excellent new releases for X-Wing and we'd like to celebrate.

Schedule: 10/10/2015 at 11am, signups now (note the store's calendar says 10am, they list events on their calendar an hour early, I will not start until 11am sharply). $10 registration fee.

Format: 100 point standard tournament, 75 minute rounds. We tentatively expect 4 or 5 rounds of swiss with a top cut as an option depending on attendance.

Note that the new damage decks will not be tournament legal until 2016, so please bring an original set damage deck. Also note that the new large base MoV scoring will be in effect. The new obstacles from the TFA core set are available to use as well. Lastly, note that everything released by this posting will be legal.

Since there is prize support, we will be doing spot checks of components (damage decks, tokens, dice, obstacles, cards, etc), so please make sure to bring everything required for standard FFG tournament rules. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in a match loss or disqualification.

Also, while the Meetup event does not list a limit, the store will be imposing an attendance limit, which I believe is 64 players. Pre-register to guarantee a spot!

Prizes: Top 4 will receive a wave 7 ship (winners choose in the order that they finish). Remaining players will receive store credit (amount is pending) but must complete the swiss rounds to be eligible.

Notes: Please eat before rounds start, we are not planning on taking any breaks. Dragon's Lair offers drinks and snacks at the store, and you are welcome to bring food if desired, provided it is kept away from the play area/surfaces.

Hope to see everyone attend this tournament! As always, Fly Casual!