I'd like to announce a special event at Dragon's Lair. I was approached by the store to run an event for the Extra Life charity event on November 7th and I would like to invite everyone to come out to the store on that day!

First, a word about Extra Life. This is a charity that benefits the Children's Medical Network, locally the Dell Children's Hospital. By registering for the tournament and participating, you will be helping raise money for a good cause. Read more about the cause here:


Next, the event at the store will not be like any other event. Since this is a charity event, we will be changing some rules to target the real purpose of the event (to raise money for an awesome cause). First and foremost, anyone at the store can pay $1 to cause a player to reroll a die. This money will go towards the charity funds raised by the store. In fact, there will be a handful of methods of donating to the charity in similar fashion (I am open to suggestions).

As such, this may have effects on the rounds that would otherwise target specific players (for example, spectators may gather around just table 1). Opponents will be paired randomly every round within the top half or bottom half of the rankings (depending where they are). Rounds will also be extended to 90 minutes to allow for leeway with the charity during an individual game as well. Since this is a marathon charity event, we will likely run 1 additional past the recommended number of rounds and make a cut depending on attendance. We may also have a break for food, depending on attendance as well. Current rules will be followed (eg please bring the old damage deck) except that charity rules will override the standard rules.

There will be prizes for performing well, door prizes, and for raising the most charity funds. I have created a team on the Extra Life website and I encourage everyone to join and/or donate, even if they cannot attend.


I have not worked out the registration fee with the store just yet but I suspect we will likely settle around $10. I will update the various postings of this announcement when I have firmed up the details.

I hope to see everyone at the store to help raise money for an excellent cause!