This thread is intended to be a reference of campaign rules for those needing it. It is not comprehensive. You can also ask questions/discuss the technical aspects of the campaign.

Win the final scenario at the end of th! You can make this easier by collecting clues (relics) during the campaign to improve your starting position

The campaign is intended to last four campaign seasons, with each season lasting for 3 campaign turns, plus one special event. Players should expect to play one game each campaign turn, though provisions exist for playing more if agreed upon by the players involved.

Games are played at any mutually agreed upon points level, but default to 2500 points. An army may end up larger than an opponents, courtesy of results on the Spoils of War or Ignominious Defeats charts. No army may be fielded at a size larger than 25% of the opponents army (include any free magic items, upgrades, extras from mines, etc).

Armies can vary from game to game, but must include any Regiments of Renown or Heroes of Legend "as is". That is, once a unit or character earns such a heroic designation, they must be included, and their equipment may not change. Furthermore, any magic items taken by a Regiment of Renown or Hero of Legend may not be taken by any other unit in any army you field. (For instance, Mead's Bishop Seamus of Caer Bannog is equipped with the Greedy Fist. No other characters in any of his armies may take the Greedy Fist so long as the Bishop lives).