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Thread: 40k 8th edition thoughts and observations

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    40k 8th edition thoughts and observations

    I have only read the Tyranid codex and the new rule book, so consider this informal and potentially wrong...

    Everything dies. Expect to lose most of your army by turn four.
    There's no such thing as one unit joining another unit. Now, there's just area of effect benefits for being close.
    There are no templates. No scatter dice. And no need to spread out your models to avoid templates...
    You don't roll for reserves... you bring in what you want any time you want, at the end of any of your movement phases. The arriving unit does not scatter.
    Newly arrived reinforcements (reserves) cannot move, but can shoot and assault that turn.

    There's no reduced movement for terrain, no difficult terrain, no dangerous terrain tests.
    *correction: in the advanced rules, some terrain reduces charge/advance distances.
    Terrain simply provides cover and can block LOS.
    Run is now called Advance, but seems to work the same. It's officially in the movement phase now, like we played it anyway in the past.
    Any unit can move out of a fight (close combat). No test, no such thing as Locked in combat.

    Smite doesn't roll to hit. If you pass the psychic test, it auto hits the nearest enemy unit.
    Perils is more deadly, and your power fails on double 1s instead of still working. And everyone nearby can die too.

    Pistols can be fired in the shooting phase by a unit engaged in a Fight (in close combat).
    Nids have a few weapons which can fire into or out of fights.
    Assault weapons can fire after Advancing, but with a penalty to hit.
    Any model with more than one weapon can split fire multiple target units.

    Base contact is not mandatory, and is not mentioned.
    Multiple charges and fights appear to be expected.

    The 'who can fight' range is reduced a lot.
    Any model with more than one attack? or multiple melee weapons can split fire target units.
    There is no initiative, so units fight one at a time. This is a vastly new dynamic...
    Nids have a couple abilities/gear which can alter the fighting sequence.
    There's no such thing as locked in combat, or hit and run... units can simply move away in the movement phase... UNLESS they're physically surrounded and cannot move through enemy (or friendly) models... Then they ARE trapped in combat. Models that can fly can get away.

    brutal. expect lots of death on all sides.

    No fire ports.
    No doors or access points, just the hull.
    Embarked units can't do ****, or be affected by anything.
    But consider disembarking before your transport explodes, because you can lose models outright in the explosion. No saves.

    Give me more, I'll add them in to this post.
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