The “New Player” area of Centexwar is intended to provide a place where players new to the area, new to a game, or returning after a long break can find information quickly regarding the Central Texas wargaming scene. We should all consider it to be a friendly place for new players to come and introduce themselves, ask about games, and ask basic rules questions.

While all standard forum rules apply, it is hoped that members will be particularly aware of the first rule, “Be Polite” and understand that less experienced gamers may have questions that, to veteran players, seem to have an obvious answer but that may not be so clear to someone new. We were all new once, so please try and be helpful and encouraging. New players should be advised that there is a Tactica forum for rules and tactics questions, however basic rules concerns may also be asked in this area, with the expectation that forum members will treat such queries as coming from players with less gaming experience, so answers should be helpful and more descriptive, please.

Remember, this forum offers a picture of the Austin and central Texas area gaming scene, and we hope that new people see that it is truly a great group of gamers here and will want to join our community.