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Good ol' GW. The purpose of these most recent FAQs is to clarify issues that can't be understood based on current, existing rules.

Q: 'Sup with the Heldrake's gun?
GW's A: As stated in the October 2014 FAQ...

Well, then you don't have to devote man-hours and space to GDMFin re-answering it, GW. Maybe - and, y'know I'm just spit-balling here - answer questions that do NOT already have clear answers, like maybe questions about the multiple Chaos books that don't match up or integrate. Or maybe the dozens of other, ACTUALLY unanswered/confusing issues from either the general rules and/or codecies.

I honestly imagine writers' meetings at GW involving phrases like "Well, it's hard for me to say because I've never read any of the rule books" or "I dunno; I've never written anything."
Comment on their Facebook page. They are taking feedback that will (hopefully) be included in the final draft. Unlike the presidential election, your vote does count!