Rapid Growth League
Dragon's Lair - Austin
7:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight

We're starting Austin's first Casual League and you're invited. Yes, YOU!.

Whether your'e a brand new player or a seasoned one this is a great chance to get introduced to the game or an excuse to paint/play a long neglected crew.
We'll be starting this upcoming Wednesday (4/27/16) and going for four weeks (through 5/18/16)

Pick your Faction and stick with them throughout the league collecting Achievement Points for playing games, painting your crews, and having a good time.

To Sign Up send Robert an message on here or Facebook. Or you can just show up.

To quicken setup we're going to preselect the Strategy and Deployment, but you'll still randomly generate Schemes as normal.

Week One (4/27/16)
26 Soulstones, Master-led Only
Extraction and Standard Deployment

Week Two (5/4/16)
30 Soulstones, Master-led Only
Headhunter and Corner Deployment

Week Three (5/11/16)
40 Soulstones, Master-led Only
Guard the Stash and Close Deployment

Week Four (5/18/16)
50 Soulstones, Master-led Only
Interference and Flank Deployment