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Thread: Any Infinity Gaming Groups in Austin?

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    Any Infinity Gaming Groups in Austin?

    Hi! I've been thinking about getting into Infinity but I wanted to see if there was a group of people that play regularly or if any tournaments for the game are held in the area. I live in Austin and my closest FLGS is Dragon's Lair. I would prefer to play there but if there is another store close by that hosts games I wouldn't mind going there either. It seems like a fun skirmish game but if there isn't a following for it in Austin then I'll take a look at other miniature wargames. Thanks!

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    I know a few people who play, usually Wednesday at DL, but they play other games too, so is best to get in touch. I believe there is a Facebook page for the Austin infinity players.

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    Yep, check Infinity Austin on Facebook. Typically we'll post when we plan on playing.
    I'm at DL nearly every Wednesday, myself. Normally there's at least 3-4 of us.

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