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Thread: The end but not quit.

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    The end but not quit.

    Upon the end of this go around of the map campaign word has it, that others wished to be that were not in. So with that in mind, I hereby put to alert a new map campaign that will be starting in about a month or two. Having said that here is what I need from you the playing community.

    1 Who all has a vested interest in doing this. Vested means 2 things, the ability to play and play nice (ie lets keep the cut throat gaming to a minimum,any list goes but be ready for the back lash), secondly the ability to show up at least once a week and play your game within the rules of the group and dragons lair.

    2 How does the group YOU want to play this campaign, I can make this a simple grab and bash or a very complex building empire growing affair. Also to be covered under this second topic is what if any house rules does the group wish to put into place? Example the tourny scene at DL allows the roll of only a 6 to affect characters with dwellers below. If you want to use that or have something different in mind address that in this bullet point.

    3The start date. I said earlier a couple of months but depending on who and what is playing (army wise), when do you guys wish to play?

    4As was done in the military this is article 22 of the format IE anything missed above can be addressed here.

    Lastly unless an odd number come in or we just lack the numbers I will be sitting this campaign out and just running things.

    With all the above here is a brief list of folks I think have an interested (not a vested just an interest as in they said hey I want to play in this.)
    Steve Dark Elfs VESTED Check.
    Brandon Orges currently VESTED Check.
    Sam Chaos or High elves
    Albert Brets Wood Elves (in progress)
    Chris Demons
    Zach O&G VESTED Check.
    Anyone else or if your name is here but you dont want to play, let me know and I shall adjust as needed.
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